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For Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled Gift level and monster friendship? For Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Monster friendship bonus areas You can help Rune Factory Frontier by expanding it. Friendship points are the unit used in measuring an NPC's affinity toward you. Every NPC has FP (Friendship Points) as apposed to Love Points, which only exist in the thirteen Maidens. You can view an NPC's FP and LP in the relations menu by pressing + and scrolling to the right

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  1. For Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Monster FP (friendship day and newborns )
  2. The rune stones breeds monsters. aka they lay a egg then after 7 to 9 days hatches with higher stats and level, But if you do that friendship day and the walks and brush they're guarantee one level per day so when they're in their egg form you can brush or anything so don't breed until they're level 10 and you won't have to worry about them
  3. Once your monster has reached one friendship point, you will be able to give them a rune stone and have them lay an egg. It takes ten days for any egg to hatch. The egg gains 3-4 standard levels in those ten days. The new monster gets one of their stats boosted depending on the rune stone you use. These boosts do not appear to stack across generations, only one is in effect at a time. Water.
  4. g capabilities as well as where you can find them. For more detailed information on how to raise monsters, see Ranching Guide and for stats information see Monster List. Monsters have special locations where you can increase their friendship by walking them there. Most monsters seem to.
  5. Monsters are the same way, you just can't see the bar. So when I say FP affects level, I mean every few friendship points makes the monster gain a level. So, when you enter a dungeon and your monster is happy, they get an increase in their bar and because of the increase, the monster's level goes up. Still don't believe me? Go start a new.
  6. Breeding monsters requires use of any type of rune stone on the creature you wish to duplicate; you will need an empty barn slot to breed a monster. On use, you will create a new name and an egg will appear in the barn. Depending on your runey prosperity, the average gestation period is 10 days. On birth, the new creature will have a higher level of friendship than it's mother, and oddly.

In Rune Factory Frontier, a Monster who never leaves the Monster Barn to accompany you on your peregrinations will increase in Friendship far more slowly than one who does. The entire business of Monster levels and Friendship is a bit more complex in Rune Factory Frontier than in previous Rune Factory games, as Monsters of different types increase in Friendship at different speeds. Some. Into this version of Rune Factory, some special tools could be used on tamed monster in order to receive as gift some special items. Harvester : The elemental variety of monster could share items with the protagonist. Per example in high level of friendship, Autumn monsters will share some seeds that could be soil during fall season. Monster. Love and Friendship are game elements of Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Each villager and monster's Love Points (LP) and/or Friendship Points (FP) are measured on a scale from 0 to 10. New dialogue and requests become available as these numbers increase. 1 Raising LP and FP 2 Love Points (LP) 2.1 Dating and Marriage (First Generation) 2.2 Mock Wedding (Second Generation) 3 Friendship. Monster Barn 1 10 1000g 1 Room Monster Barn 2 300 18000g 3 Rooms Monster Barn 3 800 50000g 7 Rooms Extensions are needed in order to fit more than just the basic Kitchen, Forge, and Lab upgrades available from Lute. (Note: Each of the styles only changes the overall look of its respective facility and has no affect on the function.) After every expansion you build, see Rita after 6PM that day.

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Monster Da es in diesem Spiel, keine Nutziere wie Kühe oder Schafe oder Erntewichtel die dir bei der Arbeit helfen gibt, mußt du dir ein paar Monster fangen. Diese mußt du dann noch zähmen damit sie für dich Produkte herstellen oder für dich arbeiten. Hier dann einmal eine Auflistung der Monster: Nutz--Monster Huhn, legt jeden 3. Tag ein Ei. Ist in der Grünen Ruine zu finden, Ebene 1. Characters Guide for Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii. A list of all characters in Rune Factory Frontier, birthdays, best gifts, daily schedules, and more! Art Gallery: Gaming: TV Series: Contact Us : Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Game Guide Our Hero... You play as Raguna (unless you choose to change it), but is that even his name? He has no memory of where he came from, or what he was doing. Before you can capture any creatures for your farm you'll need to build monster barns. Talk to Camus at his shop and pay him 1000 G and 100 pieces of lumber. The building will be constructed immediately on your farm. Unfortunately once you've captured a monster, there's no way to organize them inside your barns. Your livestock beasts will most likely be intermixed among the other creatures you. In this episode, I get some new huts built, and we make some new friends

Monsters (RF2) This page describes the various uses of monsters in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy harvest Moon . Monsters appear in areas outside of Alvarna. Different monsters appear at night (after 6:00 PM). In the First Generation, maps are limited because of the barricades and fences. This makes the monsters limited too Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - Harvest Moon Bauer. Du bist auf der Suche nach einem Mädchen und erreichst dabei, das Dorf Trampoli. Da es schon spät ist, suchst du eine bleibe für die Nacht. Du triffst auf Stella, die in der Kirche zu Hause ist. Diese bietet dir eine Unterkunft an, für eine Nacht

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